“Claire Crisp has written a book that illumines the strength of the human spirit and the depth of human love in suffering. It is a gem.”
— Dr. Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University


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“The experience of having your child develop narcolepsy when only a few years old is terrifying. Claire Crisp’s eloquent experience with Mathilda will help the thousands of children that develop narcolepsy every year to be more quickly recognized and treated.”
— Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences
“This story envelopes [us] because of its profound vulnerabilities, its infuriating injustices, its dogged love, its honest faith. Claire Crisp draws us into their family story with intimate candor and tender courage.”
— Dr. Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary



Welcome! So nice to meet you. I'm excited to announce the release of my debut book, Waking Mathilda. I do quite a lot of blogging as well, both on narcolepsy and on the writing process. Thanks for reading!


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