Readers' Favorite Award

Yesterday I found out that Waking Mathilda won the Silver Medal for Non-Fiction/ Memoir in the 2017 Readers Favorite Book Awards.

It was one of those funny moments when you think twice about answering your cell because you don't recognize the number and you've heard about a "free" cruise to Alaska many times.

Letting Go--One Parent's Approach To Self-Advocacy In Our Children With Narcolepsy

I'm a big believer in advocating for our children who live with chronic illness but there comes a point when we need to let them speak for themselves.

Just recently I was challenged to think more about his through the Youth Ambassador Program that's organized by Narcolepsy Network. Essentially it's about our children being empowered to self-advcoacy, and the benefits are huge.

Our Xyrem Journey

Back in the summer of 2011, we moved from England to the USA for two reasons. One was to seek expert care for Mathilda at the Centre for Narcolepsy Research at Stanford. The other was to get her treatment.