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Noah's Journey With Narcolepsy--Guest Post By Lindsay Bryant Jesteadt

 How do you come to terms with your child having an incurable illness?

This week Lindsay Bryant Jesteadt talks about her young son Noah, his journey with narcolepsy and the impact his condition has has on the family. 

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Narcolepsy In The Classroom--A Teacher's Perspective On Educating A CWN

There was a time when I thought Mathilda would never be well enough to attend school. In fact, learning was so low down on the list (back when our lives were dominated by hospital admissions and appointments) that I resorted solely to books on tape with the hope that some of the dialogue might, just might, get through to her asleep there on the couch. 

Seven years later however, Mathilda is in 6th grade a small Catholic school in the greater L.A area. She is able to attend every day because of a very specific medical regime, punctual and consistent sleep hygiene (naps), kind-hearted peers, and super supportive teachers . . . 

Letting Go--One Parent's Approach To Self-Advocacy In Our Children With Narcolepsy

I'm a big believer in advocating for our children who live with chronic illness but there comes a point when we need to let them speak for themselves.

Just recently I was challenged to think more about his through the Youth Ambassador Program that's organized by Narcolepsy Network. Essentially it's about our children being empowered to self-advcoacy, and the benefits are huge.